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P&CP Academy LLC

Insurance Exam Preparation and Job Placement 
P&CP Academy provides Property & Casualty State Exam Preparation and professional development with a guaranteed job placement. Our unique approach and partnership with Insurance Agents sets us apart as we 've combined education along with career placement.

Online Meeting

The Insurance Industry is a fast-growing industry that has Insurance Agents actively searching for top talent. We recognize the challenge that Agents experience trying to hire Licensed Professionals and the level of difficulty Individuals have in becoming licensed on their own. 

As a solution, we've created a comprehensive live on-line course that is tailored  to help individuals pass the P&C State Exam on the first attempt and secure employment immediately following. 

Our unique partnership with Insurance Agents all throughout Pennsylvania is what sets us apart from the rest and allows us to help individuals and Agents in becoming more successful. 


Evolving Your Career


Expanding Your Agency


Hamza K, PA

"Got an interview as soon as I passed."

Maria S, PA

“Thank You P&CP Academy for the opportunity, for all of the information provided & for the excellent experience during the course. Each class & information received were valuable, useful, & necessary. Learned a lot & the best part is I started working right away! Incredible!! Thank you so much!! Very professional, patience and dedicated! Amazing team!! Amazing project! Amazing program!!"

Kidaha L, PA

"I love the company wish I could go to them for every course.”

Mateo C, PA

"George was incredibly helpful and got me connected with one of the best agents in the Philadelphia area! He made sure when my interview was and what I needed to do to land the job!”

Spasoje J, PA

"Great teacher, very personable, friendly, interactive, and informative. She really took the initiative to ensure students understood the material and pass the first try. Overall excellent course, highly recommend. In 4 weeks, you can have a new career it’s amazing."

Harry L, PA

"George was an amazing person. Helped through the whole way. Can't thank him enough.”


Online Education, Learning Course matieral

 Exam Preparation

We've developed a course that focuses on not only the must-know Insurance terminology but combines exam-specific tools designed to help you pass on the first attempt. The course combines a traditional approach of education along with plenty of opportunity for practice questions and Q&A! 

Business Meeting, Sales meeting

Employment Placement

P&CP Academy places candidates with our partner Insurance Agents upon successfully passing the Property & Casualty State Exam. Our job seekers are provided the necessary tools and guidance to earn the required Insurance license and start a rewarding career in the Insurance Industry.

Customer Service Training and greeting

Professional Development

Job interviews can be intimidating! That's why we also take the time to assist with resume enhancement, interview preparation, and continued support and education throughout the whole process. 

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