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Study Tips

1. Show up to class on time. 

2. Be on camera, be present.

3. Put in the necessary study time. Our course requires additional self-study time. 

Best Practices: 

  • Study by following along with the Syllabus 

  • Practice Quizzes, practice quizzes, practice quizzes 

4. Take notes, review your notes, and be able to explain the concepts aloud. 

5. Your study environment has a direct impact on your learning. Keep distractions to a minimum, stay focused. 

6. You’ve committed, you’ve invested, you’ve made the decision to dedicate time and effort into getting your P&C License and start your career in the insurance industry… All GREAT CHOICES!

7.  Avoid scheduling at night, study when you are alert and well rested so you can retain the information well.

Course Syllabus

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