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From Licensed to HIRED: Your Guaranteed Job Journey Starts HERE


Job Placement


Interviewing can be intimidating. We assist with everything from resume enhancements to interview preparation. Our tailored approach combines education, job preparation, and other personalized support along the way!

Benefits of Choosing P&CP Academy:

Intial Qualifications

Achieve your goals without breaking the bank. Join P&CP Academy and get started at essentially no cost to you. 

Our guaranteed job placement program ensures your success. Our partner Insurance Agents are actively hiring top talent.

Is the Insurance Industry Right for you?

Insurance is a trillion dollar industry. Starting a career in the insurance industry can provide a security that not many other industries can offer right now. Between technology and AI, knowing which careers will be affected has struck fear into many job seekers. 

Whether you're looking to start a new career or looking to transition to a new field, pursuing a career in the insurance industry is a smart move.

The potential for growth in this field is huge... not only can you reach new ceilings, but you can get there quicker than you'd think. Obtaining your P&C License is just the first step in the journey, you'll benefit from adding additional lines of insurance to your license. If you are hungry, ambitious, and driven you can even open up your own agency and become a business owner!

P&CP Academy can help you take control of your financial stability. 

Unlock your potential and build a successful career with our uniquely tailored approach. 

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