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Best Practices: Preparing for the Property & Casualty State Exam 

1. Use the "Scrap Paper" trick. Take your exam in person & write down the key notes on your blank sheet of paper. Jot it down immediately before your brain gets bogged down with the questions, reference as you take the exam. 

2. Do NOT look at the answers until you've fully read AND understood the ask of the question. The exam will have options that could be fitting. Make sure you understand the ask of the question AND read ALL answers. Choose the BEST suited answer. 

IE: John is moving his merchandise from Asia to the USA, what coverage does John need to protect the Aircraft from damages?     (Question mentions merchandise and the aircraft; specifically asking about damage to the aircraft, answer is HULL) . 

3. If time allows, go back & reread the questions again after you've answered all of the questions; reading it a second  time gives that second chance to review and see if you read everything thoroughly. 

4. Answers: If you see two answers that are opposites, the correct answer HAS to be one of them. You've automatically increased the probability of picking the CORRECT answer from having a 25% chance of choosing the correct answer to a 50% chance. 


IN PERSON TEST TAKERS: Arrive early. Give yourself time to review your notes.

Relax and drink a cold glass of water before heading in, the cold will wake up your neurons. 

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