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Everything you need to know about your 4-Week Course; What to Expect before, during, and after!

  • Pricing
    Student Enrolment Fee - P&CP Academy - $50.00 Study Material- (PASS PERFECT) CPMI -$129.95 State Exam Fee - PSI - $53​
  • What happens after I register for the 4-Week Course?
    You will receive some emails- One will include your Zoom link for your class and one will include the necessary links to purchase your required material. Purchase your study material {PASS PERFECT/CPMI}. Link will be included in your email after booking. - Can also be found below under "Links needed" Schedule your State Exam. - Schedule the exam for no more than 3 days AFTER your course completion date IE: Course ends 3-28-24 - Schedule your Exam for 3-29 through 4-1.
  • What happens after I complete the '4-Week Course?'
    Pass the Pre-Certification Test. Get a good night sleep, take a deep breath, and Go PASS your State Exam!
  • What's next after I pass the 'Exam'?
    Employment matching! Get prepared for your Interview! Start your career that puts you on a path to reaching Financial Freedom!
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