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P&C Exam Pointers

Passing the P&C Insurance Exam on the first try is more than just memorizing the material. To access the guide below, you must be enrolled.


Pennsylvania Residents: You will take your Property & Casualty Exam together. 

150 Total Questions

Time limit: 2 hours and 50 minutes
Passing score: 7

New Jersey Residents: You will need to take the Property and Casualty Exam Separately.  

New Jersey Property Producer Examination

79 Total Questions
Time limit: 3.5 hours
Passing Score: 70%


New Jersey Casualty Insurance Examination

91 Total Questions
Time limit: 3.5 hours
Passing Score: 70%


Easy to Follow Notes

We've spent the time organizing the material in a more comprehensive way so that you don't have to! We've grouped the content together in a way that nobody else does it, so you can study much more effectively!   

Adult Students

Learning the content is only half the battle

To pass the P&C Insurance State Exam, it is vital you not only memorize the content, but also be able to answer the questions... and these are not just any questions!  The State Exam is structured in a way that can easily trip you up, having you choose an answer you thought was correct! But don't you worry, we've pulled together those tricky questions and allow you to get in the heads of the test writers ! 

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